Elon Musk Talks About Colonizing the Galaxy
This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1609 with Elon Musk. open.spotify.com/episode/2aB2swgyXqbFA06AxPlFmr?si=_8doDtUvSn-kkUNFE9Kp7w

  • Jaidyne Oxendine
    Jaidyne Oxendine

    The way he speaks is just wired👀

  • Prend Lala
    Prend Lala

    The Geological hisory of Earth reads like a massive, extermination horror book. He is so on the point there. I took the book out of curiosity because my uncle is a renowned Geologist. I could not read it to the end. I mean cataclysms as a constant. Just makes you think how worthless and small you really are. We have been here, this is not the hight of our human civilization we lack the memory of it. We are now in front of a new devastating cycle. You dont need to believe me just way and pray you have a chance to see the water in human kind evaporate. Not many get that opportunity.

  • Chris Irving
    Chris Irving

    Really sussed out with that "there's no alien life on earth" stutter I suppose we are another alien life to aliens🤔

  • 86Smally

    What about the ancient batteries that have been found in Iraq, everyone called them a hoax until it was proven they where real so then aliens? Nope we change history to fit that find and admit we hardly know anything a lot is guess work

  • A J
    A J

    I just can't listen to this guy. He's talks so boringly.

  • Adam Morley
    Adam Morley

    If Tesla an apple merge you could become one of the biggest power providers from natural resources apex power and put percentages towards are space missions get rid of all them Chimneys out the sky planet Earth clean up we have big machines cleaning the air why not put some of those machines in the ice poles and mack them freeze the air put like big Slush Puppy machines force the water to freeze again and charge every one and put the profit to the space missions David Attenborough a life on our planet that is you man your power can fix earth more composting companies and recycling places and use the space mirrors to focus its energy and deflects its energy

  • Uriel hernandez
    Uriel hernandez

    Maybe some time ago an alien spaceship crash landed on earth and damaged their craft. They had no clue how to get out of this planet with our resources. Aliens are probably using humans to advance technology faster to get out of here. How else can you explain the fast growing technology in the past 200 years. Heck in the past 100 years technology has leaped in a way no other century has previously in the past 40,000 years of human existance

  • Lego Brick Builder
    Lego Brick Builder

    You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  • Lego Brick Builder
    Lego Brick Builder

    You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  • Infoseeker dotmaduro
    Infoseeker dotmaduro

    Some people keep both of their feet on the ground while some seems to go astray. Dreams of a poor mans sleep is of getting the riches one day. That all the money and powers in the world would make us safe. That in mind his heart is blind for his eyes to see, the gifts of god depends on that love and liberty are real.

  • Lifestyle Location Property by Philip Hankin
    Lifestyle Location Property by Philip Hankin

    why dont we put this money into saving our planet 🌍

  • David Papendorf
    David Papendorf

    Turns out love is blind

  • lulu minator
    lulu minator

    Me: What should we eat? Elon: First, do you have any allergies?

  • james brown
    james brown

    it's super Creepy the way the musk just moves his eyes and analyzes his surroundings as he talks or is that just me? Its like he's downloading data or something not sure if anyone else sees that.

  • 40inchvintage

    Elon's progressive visions can only be realized if everyone is as least as smart and focused as him.

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy


  • Arm

    Bro this guy is trying hard not to get caught that he’s an alien

  • Philko Nestos
    Philko Nestos

    Plot twist: all of us are. Only musk knows and tries to bring us back home.

  • Save Cakaunitabua
    Save Cakaunitabua

    “Everything that we have found archaeological is consistent with the technology we had at that time” I don’t think this guy understands how impossible it would have been to build the Egyptian pyramids in 2500 BC

  • Abdul Sufi
    Abdul Sufi

    This guy is truly a gifted and talented guy. He has all the tell tell signs.

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      objective. SATS can help with COMs and better mapping topography. Get SATs in series to act as COMs relays . Also send other SATs to near planeta to explore more gather

  • r3wturb0x

    Interesting choice of thumbnail

  • Happy Raccoon
    Happy Raccoon

    Humans can't get their heads around The WTC Mega Ritual, can't get their heads out of their asses so they can see reality so don't fuss much over this infantile fantasy....really, humans are hoarding Toilet Paper and wearing ritual shame muzzles

  • Jonathan Skeeles
    Jonathan Skeeles

    Elonk Musk is like yeah Joe I don't set around watching grainy U.F.O. footage on ISnets I've kind of got this little car company and rocket program you might of heard of them? 🤣

  • Bjmanfredi

    I am so disappointed in Elon Musk’s ignorance of the evidence of intelligent alien life. I am shocked to the point where I am wondering if it’s just an act. I am a huge fan of Elon and his companies. I think he kicks butt for all of humanity.

  • Juan Quiroz
    Juan Quiroz

    Let’s get BOB LAZAR and ELON MUSK in the same room...

  • Spacek Rebel
    Spacek Rebel

    Joe not knowing about falcon 9 takeoff/landing was so upsetting it might be reason we never see Elon back

  • jUUgMoney Temps
    jUUgMoney Temps

    Aliens are real my grandma has a picture of a ufo she took in Mexico

  • kid ScarJ
    kid ScarJ

    I dont trust him

  • Mark Sommerville
    Mark Sommerville

    They even found titanium and brass( an alloy that doesn't form naturally) on the moon. Plus the quote from Apollo 8, "Santa is real" there's evidence everywhere. "If there are Aliens, they are pretty shy" no, they are probably sick of being shot down, interrogated and locked up here and forced to work as slaves, by a bunch of primitive humans. They WILL show up when WE are ready. Plus, how many are there at a similar stage to us, wondering exactly the same thing. Just look how many galaxies we've discovered, all you need is 1 planet/galaxy with life and that's 2 or 3 trillion planets with life that we can detect. That's 200 planets for each human, at least.

  • Christoph Resmerowski
    Christoph Resmerowski

    What a bunch of nonsense ... civilization on Mars? Let's just learn to live in peace on earth.

  • Mark Sommerville
    Mark Sommerville

    " if we found a cube of titanium" etc etc. Ural mountains Elon? The nano tech thats hundreds of thousands of years old. That's just 1 example I thought of. Theres heaps of evidence of ETs are or have been on Earth. Loads of stuff has been found, we just don't get informed. But obviously you know alot more than your admitting Mr Musk. Pyramids, The Sphinx, and Antarctica, the tic tac, the strange underwater things that look like bases or crashed Ufos etc etc. All the D.U.M Bs. all over the planet.

  • Dre Van
    Dre Van

    Elon isnt fooling anyone.

  • Andy Peterson
    Andy Peterson

    Now dez white supremicist tryin to colonize da whole galaxy? We gotz to stop em

  • Albert Howard
    Albert Howard

    Getting past the great filter. I'm assuming he is referring to the Van Allen belts or something. But fuck me he avoided that question like wildfire. I think he said something he wasn't meant to

  • Kevin gomez
    Kevin gomez

    We could cut lag instead of focusing on home runs hail merry passes we do 3 big sub stations jumps . Have resources we build up and keep moving them towards the objective. SATS can help with COMs and better mapping topography. Get SATs in series to act as COMs relays . Also send other SATs to near planeta to explore more gather more intel.one of biggest issues is development of consistent fuel source to maintain a base . Methane gas in substation link ups will never go to waste as it has extreme cold adaptation.

  • SageMarie Sprenger
    SageMarie Sprenger

    The tic tac ufo crap is old news .. like 30 to 50 years old info....we ain't got time for that, neither does Elon... we all have Surpassed that... It's boring. Caveman info haha

  • Mick Shaw
    Mick Shaw

    Man landed on the moon in 1968. they have never done it again, strange?

  • SageMarie Sprenger
    SageMarie Sprenger

    He gets really wierd about this subject. I can sense some almost, kind of like.... Some animosity there.... Strange reaction.

  • Adam Morley
    Adam Morley

    OK have you seen ancient civilisations stargates-ancient aliens, portals&the inner earth. With graham hancock he is saying there is a little more than just a bit of metal not from Earth just saying 5 sinister extraterrestrial encounters reported by Russian military just saying why are we here a secret truth behind the original bible story part 2, Declassified UFO videos tacken by u.s navy pilots. How about mystifying ufo cases incredible recent discoveries in Antarctica ! Or 10 ufo sighting in Britain 😂 ok something is sending signals to earth for outside the solar system what is star kic 8462852 why we putting soldiers in space like the air force . how about this one world war a -when aliens attack full documentary so if there is permafrost on mars why would we not be forcing a ice age there or like a big Thor out putting the ozone back there force a space rock in to it obviously do measurements so not just spin it off n put seeds and germs that create life on it and sit back i believe that looking the world we have and it's past can help multi planet life in the not to distant future i mean if we can push a space kite from earth we can steer space debris like a boat. Life beyond ll the museum of alien life 4k or director mirrors in space at the planet and melt the ice 200 unsolved mysteries that cannot be explained did the soviet union discover aliens in the deepest lake in the world? Ufos the most evidence

  • Ready2Smash

    GRT to Mars


    What I don’t understand about the Mars fascination: Why would we want to stay in our galaxy if life on Mars is dependant on the same sun as earth? Wouldn’t we want to go to a different galaxy all together to ensure survival of another 10-20 thousand years?

  • dalton yates
    dalton yates

    I look up in the sky at night and murderer to myself " bullshit "

  • mernandrahavtru

    I'd rather be a lonely genius 💋

  • Ğřvįmvįmvįh6h6h6 M3ŤR0P0ŁĮŞ
    Ğřvįmvįmvįh6h6h6 M3ŤR0P0ŁĮŞ

    Hes playing dumb

  • Kris Niemczuk
    Kris Niemczuk

    He's an Australian and that qualifies him.

  • sosarox

    Except we dont have the technology to build pyramids.

  • Kris Niemczuk
    Kris Niemczuk

    What if it's already been colonized by other species, that are not as primitive as us? What if they don't believe in profits, exploitation, wars and we are not welcome?

  • sean mcclish
    sean mcclish

    Elon just debunked aliens

  • David

    Is it just me or is Rogan becoming douchie? Everyone on the planet has seen a space x first stage rocket landing. Rogan tells Musk he hasn't seen a landing. What a lie! Rogan would make a good democrat. Losing interest in him fast.

  • Alex Kientzle
    Alex Kientzle

    The things Elon said on this clip are stupid compared to his opinion on other topics. Like saying that thing about finding all stuff. Like why would aliens leave any objects left? Seems odd the way he concluded it.

  • wine cheese
    wine cheese

    The great great great grandfather of Joe was Joe Rodent

  • Jude Ake
    Jude Ake

    He sounds like a European colonizer

  • Will Menard
    Will Menard

    I am having difficulties with Musk on any of his arguments. It seems to him that aliens are "us" but more advanced. And to me that's a very American way to look at it, in fact Americans (maybe not all of course but mainstream) are like aliens will destroy us, or do something bad to us. I think to most people around the globe, I think the aliens are not really something people think a lot, and most of us (non Americans) think that if they wanted us gone we would be extinct a long tome without knowing what happened. Also, to go to different planets to "save" mankind is another "very American" way to see life. I am from Europe and really, we are happy on Earth lol. Go to Mars? Sure, go, trying to escape natural calamities? Trying to escape climate change? What if an asteroid hit Earth and we all go extinct? But what if an asteroid hit Mars and they all perish? Or another planet? To say...Elon Musk seems to me an unhappy guy, a "solutionist" to human's fate. But really, what we need is a little more wisdom, calm down and enjoy life a little more.


    Question - humans lived on earth for thousand of years.... and there are a lot of poverty, hunger, wars..... the rich getting richer... 1% owns 99%.... how could we concentrate on the Mars, and spend a lot of money on it while we have all these issues...

  • Newtube

    All these conversations make the assumptions that alien life is going be just like the creatures found right here on earth. Namely we're expecting a spitting image of humans in alien form. What do we really know about what the possibilities are? People think they're kings of their own little hills. If you're hankering for alien life just look at all the life around you - or has all that become mundane?? I can assure you, people aren't going anywhere in tin cans and rockets.

  • Nicholas Moreno
    Nicholas Moreno

    I would ask Elon: If you dont see any direct evidence of any aliens on Earth, then how do you explain positive and negative blood types?

  • Lux Luke
    Lux Luke

    That thumbnail 100% looks like an interstellar BBC

  • Yenzo

    Crocodiles are here because when disaster come, there are many corpses and they have plenty of food. Thats why they survived... - Lelon Rusk

  • Murray Property Management
    Murray Property Management

    Why doesn’t the Tesla get traffic data from other Tesla’s?

  • Wayne Que
    Wayne Que

    It’s already been done by the et’s🤢🤢🤢

  • Wayne A
    Wayne A

    love JRE has got me through lockdown

  • Ga P
    Ga P


  • Murray Property Management
    Murray Property Management

    I am sure someone has already thought of this, but Elon mentions that 1% of the energy is used to get into space, the remaining energy into orbit. What if you designed a heat shield into layers, so at the exact time you needed it, the shield would act as a rocket in the opposite direction???? 🤯

  • J Solo
    J Solo

    Joe rogan is a fucking idiot who doesn't know shit about space X and couldn't even be bothered to look up Elons reusable rockets that land vertically. Literally Joe rogan had no idea .. how could you be so ignorant and oblivious.. if you're reading this Joe, fuck you. You are soo lucky Elon even bothers w the likes of you. You are a bad friend and I hope Elon sees how fake you are. .. Go space X

  • Peter Curione
    Peter Curione

    Or was it bill gates

  • Peter Curione
    Peter Curione

    The one u stared in me blows

  • Peter Curione
    Peter Curione

    So Elon shows the chip

  • matt darbyshire
    matt darbyshire

    Dude's clearly an alien.

  • Enpsychlodelica

    You have to be absolutely stupid low i.q and believe anything someone tells you to think HUMANS EVOLVED FROM SHREWS .... WHAT THE HELL i know for a fact we didnt and you have no proof we did i swear to god these scientists are losing their minds in pointless theories and the crack pipe..

  • Grant Alexander
    Grant Alexander

    I like and respect EM, but his lack of knowledge on the ET subject is Astounding!

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    Ask Elon about fallen angels hovering around the sky.......look deep within his eyes for the answer.....with a light filter...

  • Johnny D'Angelo Entertainment
    Johnny D'Angelo Entertainment

    In 200 years, people will still be watching this podcast in wonder of Musk. He will go down as one of the most consequential humans of all time.

  • Thomas Kinney
    Thomas Kinney

    What Elon is taking i to account is if the government has something he wouldn't know he would be too much of a security threat they would keep that rapped up not saying there is or isn't but he wouldn't know maybe there will will be aliens but right now we are the oldest race maybe then aliens that watches the universe and other races grow maybe that is us we just haven't but to that point yet the universe is still young life 13 billion years old i believe

  • JZ Gringo
    JZ Gringo

    Medical science needs to advance first, if we aren’t advanced there, we won’t be make it well

  • Adil valentino
    Adil valentino


  • Josh Jackson
    Josh Jackson

    Musk reacts in a dismissive way. my best bet is he knows, ‘i would be right on it’-he already is - he just can’t say anything. Whether is poor poker face or a purposeful signal idk but he knows. Spacex is the future

  • Kai Dots
    Kai Dots

    So, r we going to look for aliens or what? 🤷‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤣 ppppsssshhhh

  • Shari

    It's kind of mean that the aliens made Elon think that he's the 1st to do this

  • David Boucher
    David Boucher

    If we launched all the weed in the world at the sun. Would everyone on earth get high?

  • Shaneosaurus Gaming
    Shaneosaurus Gaming

    That dinosaur comment was ignorant an asteroid caused the dinosaur extinction because of the things the asteroid caused not nothing else it was literally just the asteroid if there wasn't a asteroid than they might still be around

  • Richie W.
    Richie W.

    Elon obviously doesn't want to talk about nonsense

  • EDS2314

    Elon is the most, "I'm definitely not an alien," human I've ever seen speak. He's probably an alien.

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      I know many people who want to travel to the Moon, build a Base there,set up Cameras. They can't do that, but they can fake another Mars-Landing.

  • Hamlet137475

    Joe: You ever seen the NYT article that came out in 2017 about this stuff? 5:43 Elon: I uhh don't know? elon sounded mad sketchy like he knows but pretending cause he knows the truth elon: Honestly I think I would know if there are aliens...sounds like a way to say he knows but doesn't want to say cause top secret

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      Joe the way you sit you'd like the varier balans

  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen

    We ain’t going to Mars. Quit beating around the bush.

  • Steve C
    Steve C

    Come on man! Pre Pharaonic Egypt, Elon go to the Egypt look at the stone cuttings, batteries etc. Navy videos are as good as it gets for evidence. Read Silken ancient Sumer. Just had a American Airlines buzzed by a ufo. Come on get a clue or stop lying.

  • Sean Michael
    Sean Michael

    Coy h f2f

    • Sean Michael
      Sean Michael


  • Dev beta
    Dev beta

    Do It!

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    You always know when he lies. I'll give that to him. He has a tell. like he may have a conscience? Maybe? About truth. He speaks of bugs like that spoken in rev. And the insect on Lady Gaga\s dress with the scorpion and bug o it? That is the demon race. he knows the demon race but can't be allowed to speak of it.

  • One World Currency
    One World Currency

    Reminds me of the time when I used to BELIEVE that God Was NOT Real, until one day I stood still and He moved close enough into my third dimension, giving me a coin in the fourth dimension despite He being from a dimension unknown to my finite mind. I accepted the coin, being now clearly visible and imprinted in my mind and to my disbelief but with complete clarity, fully capable of interpreting in a fourth dimension, I looked at the image and encryption on the coin and asked if Humanity should also pay Taxes to "CAESAR" from this coin? To which HE said "Give to Caesar what belongs to CAESAR, and give to GOD what belongs to GOD." To which I asked a follow-up question; " What belongs to GOD?" "Who's Image is on You?", HE replied. So the name given to me was BITCOIN. Plant a BTC Seed in any amount to below address and be surprised beyond your understanding! bc1qr6xgzurnmv9mhv7ujxtqvcz84rscaylya5cyln

  • Sneak Attack
    Sneak Attack

    The faded scarf notablely jump because wilderness ganguly squeal apud a profuse active. omniscient, acidic decade

  • Jessica Rehrig
    Jessica Rehrig

    This makes me laugh 👽🌍🥀🤗🍯🍷

  • Chris Daldy-Rowe
    Chris Daldy-Rowe

    Its funny to me they say, Wheres the Aliens. But the Governments just deny them & sweep alien anything under their thick black carpet. Roswell, Wesfall Barney Hill & the wife incident etc & ALL around the world. What we need to do is start our ownhi tech investigations & STUFF the government with their petty parinoid lies

  • brady moore
    brady moore

    Joe - "Archaeologically? So like old stuff?" Elon - "Well, uhm, yeah."

  • MON3Y W10
    MON3Y W10

    listening to this as a Muslim is so fascinating

  • Ami Stenson
    Ami Stenson

    Compared to the universe, our solar system is still in the fetal stage. There is definitely a much higher probability that there are intelligent beings on other planets than there aren’t. They will be millions of years more advanced than humans. Elon Musk is putting millions into researching the theory that we are in a simulation, yet he doesn’t believe there are aliens? 🤔

  • Michael Partridge
    Michael Partridge

    Joe the way you sit you'd like the varier balans

  • KS Germania
    KS Germania

    I know many people who want to travel to the Moon, build a Base there,set up Cameras. They can't do that, but they can fake another Mars-Landing.

  • KS Germania
    KS Germania


  • Quinn Edwards
    Quinn Edwards

    I was 14 years old in Brookville, IN. My neighbor and I were shooting basketball and there were two silver disc with blacked out tops and they were very low on this evening and after they watched us for a minute they took off at the speed of light side by side. Aliens are real or the government has there hands on the fastest disc I’ve ever seen.

  • Frederick Granke
    Frederick Granke

    Dollar general will popping up on mars soon